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The last weeks have been difficult. I've been overworked, had a lot of unexpected and unwelcome expenses. I've seen my best chance at moving in with [ profile] worksinreallife vanish for this year, with my only remaining chance being a lottery with a 2% chance of succeeding.

Nick's computer died, which means he's been invading my room daily to use my computer instead. Last sunday, my nap was interrupted by the arrival of his metalhead friends. Then the night after, the karaoke next door played until well into the early morning, which wrecked my sleep schedule. I've been pretty much physically KO-ed since.

Then I worked a full 12 hours today despite feeling mentally and physically exhausted. Then the ride home didn't quite reach home, and I had to walk some distance under the rain, sans umbrella, while looking out for possible attacks by a pack of dogs that's been terrorizing the neighborhood for a while.

Then I got told that Blotchie had broken my nightlight. Not too bad, I guess? But then I realized that Peluche had completely chewed through the expensive, less-than-two-weeks-old network cable I used to get online with the laptop. And to add to injury, he also shat on what remained of the cable (and on the carpet too).

At that point, I snapped. I just had enough energy to fetch the last reserve network cable I had, and only because I needed to talk to [ profile] worksinreallife to avoid completely breaking down under the pressure.

I'll still probably cry myself to sleep or something, but I'm glad I could catch him online between two classes. As usual, we didn't talk long enough for each other's tastes, but well... I needed that.

Now to focus on surviving until I'm allowed to take some time off work in ten days.
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