Jan. 9th, 2010

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Wee, time for my weekly report! And it's... not that good, really.

As expected, Mom literally kicked me out on monday so I could toss a resume to some job she found. The short version is, that didn't go well. Job's uninteresting, pay's almost laughable, and commute involves going through at least three of the city's "traffic black spots." Icing on the cake, there was some ruckus on that day, quite near the place I was visiting. Protesters, army, teargassing, you get the picture. I luckily avoided trouble but it still meant busses were nowhere to be found and half my trip home had to be done on foot, under the rain. Whoop-dee-woop.

I finally managed to get Mom to leave me alone with job-hunting for a while though. That involved... a quite noisy argument. Man, am I a bundle of nerves...

In other news, my country is sinking more and more. The US government expelled us from the AGOA, which basically means about forty five thousand people are going to be out of a job REAL soon. And instead of taking that as a clue, our frickin' stupid "government" persists that this is the will of the people and "nobody will sway us from the hard road ahead of us." So yeah, welcome to Africa, guys.

Last thing: we get international news from French TV channels here. So we've got that nice little situation where news are all about snow, snow, snow, snow, strikes in France, snow (and did we mention snow?) while around here... well... temperatures barely if ever go below 25°C (that's 77F for you Americans) and go as high as 30°C (86F) on a regular basis. And, mind you, that's the highlands. Temperatures down by the West Coast are higher, around 30°C/86F at night and 38°C/100F at noon. I'm sure a lot of Northern Hemisphere inhabitants would like to swap right now, eh?


erkhyan: My fursona (Default)
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