Jan. 16th, 2010

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So, what's been going on this week? Mainly, rain. A tropical perturbation formed nearby and gave us a cloudy/windy weather for six days, with no more than a couple of rain-less hours per day. Nick would love the weather if he wasn't sick as a horse. I'd like the weather if getting my laundry done didn't rely on direct sunlight and dry air.

The other notable thing in my life is that I missed a solar eclipse again. I missed the 1999 one because my uncle decided to leave Paris a few days before (vacation in Southern France - I fell ill and got caught in a very damaging storm. Unforgettable holidays!) I missed the 2001 eclipse on account of not having been in Madagascar at the time. And now, I missed the 2009 one because no one told me it would be visible from here until it was over! Yeah, it was just a partial eclipse seen from here, but still... And the lunar eclipse in two weeks won't be visible from here either (it'll happen in daytime, alas)

And, yesterday, I made some fresh, natural, home-made passionfruit juice. A whole gallon of it, actually. And I made a joke about it: "I put a little of myself in there. Two drops of blood, to be more precise." Ah yes, there was an accident involving a sharp knife and one of my fingers, but nothing serious. The knife was so sharp, the cut was extremely clean and almost painless. And the juice tasted good.

Now for a funny, yet scary tale about how danegrously crazy our current "government" is becoming:

For several weeks now (if not months) a pirate radio has been emitting in Antananarivo. An anti-government one, of course. So they decided to make a show of trying to shut it down. They publicly announced that the emitter had been located in former president Ravalomanana's family house in Faravohitra.

They got truckloads of soldiers there, accompanying the bailiff who was supposed to oversee the search. Ravalomanana's lawyer came, too. First mistake: they frickin' forgot the warrant. Oops! That mistake took about two hours to correct, while the army surrounded the house to prevent any "escape."

After getting the paperwork right, the soldiers finally rushed in and searched the house, I would say, with the finest comb they could find. The result? No emitter. And it turns out the house hadn't even been used in months, since these men came out of there wearing more dust and spider webs than a horror movie monster.

Humiliated on live TV, they tried to save face by pretending that the emitter had indeed been there, but "it was probably evacuated through an underground escape route" while the lawyer stalled the search by asking for a warrant. That mysterious escape route, of course, hasn't been found yet and is being actively searched for.

Ha, ha, ha, guys. Nice one, that. Except that the house, like the whole frickin' Faravohitra district, is built on a huge granitic monolith. Hear that guys? GRANITE. The only way we know in this country to breach granite involves dynamite, so underground escape routes? I don't think so.

Last thing, with my finances now reaching into the "deepest shades of red" alert, I think I'll need to go back to job-hunting soon after all. Break's over, I guess.


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