Jan. 23rd, 2010


Jan. 23rd, 2010 08:49 pm
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Well, this week's main event happened barely two hours ago: one of Nick's friends gave us a puppy. Or sold us, I have no idea, I didn't hear anything about any money involved. He's a mutt, like 99.9% of the dogs here, which might explain the lack of interest >.<

I also hope the same "flaw" won't make our parents instantly dislike him, since Mom initially wanted a small dog, terrier-style.

Anyway, he's sleeping on the balcony now. I really need to brush up on puppies — do they really sleep as much? They say he's old enough that he's been weaned already, but he's only four inches tall at best and he's slept all the time he's been here, minus a few minutes of trying to playfully hunt down my sandals. Gah, I haven't had a puppy in the house since Sacy fourteen years ago (I was abroad when Ran Tan Plan was a puppy). I totally forgot how to take care of one!!! (ah yeah, and we'll need a name for him, too)

Okay, enough talking, have some photos. )

There are no particular events to report this week, besides that the job-hunting was quite fruitless. Not like I could do much anyway, there were teargassing parties again downtown. What is it with Malagasy law enforcers and their tendency to display prisoners on TV the same way a hunter displays his latest quarry? They literally stop in the way to their car, let the journalists take photos in every angle possible, then add a few layers by asking the prisoners to say their name on live TV, all the while insulting them quite openly!

Ah yeah, another BIG source of worry: apparently the government might be planning a devaluation around here. Nice way to make us twice as poor while not actually not lowering the amount we do own. One US dollar is close to 2,000 ariary now, when it was around 1,000 ariary ten years ago. I heard they were planning to make the new change rate closer to 4,000 ariary per dollar. Wheep-do-wee, that'll sure help the many of us who don't live off exporting goods!


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