Jan. 30th, 2010

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Another week has passed. And the first thing I have to say is... that puppy from last week, someone stole him right from our courtyard. And sadly, that means we'll never see him again... I can tell you, it ruined the day (and the two next ones) for the whole family...

Mom found another puppy though... Yeah, I know it sounds like we're just replacing the last unfortunate one. We're literally saving this one's life though. He's from a litter of seven, in a home that already had seven adult dogs (six males and one female - whoever thought of that proportion?). So basically this puppy was given to us as a weak, dirty, hungry and rather scared little thing. Grandma made things worse, too. When she went to fetch him, she decided to treat him like one of those near-feral cats people around here like to trade. That means she put him inside a basket that was then sealed tight. After over an hour in there, you can guess the pup's state worsened a lot. We got him yesterday and, well, all the time since then has been spent trying to nurse him back to health. He's still weak and fearful now, but he's definitely more alive and playful than he was yesterday, not to mention clean and well-fed.

I'd like to put photos of this one puppy here, but I think I'll wait until we get to name him instead. Anyway, he's cute, or as I'd put it: "awwwwww!-inspiring." Mom has even decided that, for this one, we won't risk another theft, and so she's lifted her rule about no dogs being allowed inside the house... even if it means we'll have to get used to some (smelly) cleaning duty XD

What else this week? Oh yeah, got to see District 9 at last. Good movie overall, though I'm not a fan of bittersweet endings like that one... TV's showing 2012 tonight, so that's one more movie to take out of the "gotta watch" list.

Speaking of that, I hate how TVs here, when they show a movie once, well, they show it a good four dozen times over the next weeks. Sometimes even a few hundred times over the next months. I swear, if I get to watch one more Tinkerbell or another The Transporter movie, I'll snap.

A few other things about cartoons I've seen:
  • The villain in that kid's cartoon follows the stereotype of the greedy evil hook-nosed jew so much, even I feel offended despite not even having any jewish acquaintance.
  • When translations turn bad: that 1940's american cartoon had a character called "Minnie Hot-Cha." Racy enough already, but they translated that into "Minnie Haute-Chatte" for the french version. Oh Gawd... "High Pussy" ????
  • I don't wanna know how that dinosaur-based pokémon rip-off is called. Watching barely five minutes of it nearly made me puke (cliché characters, cliché monsters, cliché plot, cliché bad science, cliché horrible 2D animation... in short, cliché rip-off)


Jan. 30th, 2010 11:41 pm
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I'm just out of watching 2012. A good film overall, I enjoyed the effects. I also got a few laughs here and there, particularly at how, in the climax, everyone forgot about poor Tamara while she was drowning... (Also, apparently Madagascar escaped destruction... yay us?)

Oh, and Nick just told me that another TV channel is showing Saw VI. Which gave another round of giggles, as I first wondered out lout who in their right mind would call a movie "Saucisse" (sausage) XD


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