Feb. 6th, 2010

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  Another week has passed and a lot of things happened.

    First, a tropical storm almost took us by surprise. The foul weather should have been one huge warning sign, but we thought it was the remains of the previous storm, which had just grazed us and brought nothing more than rain. Well, by the time we learned that we were actually going to be hit by another storm, the thing had already landed on the West Coast and was only 200 miles from us. Thankfully, it weakened pretty fast and was once again turned away by the mountains nearby. So we got nothing but rain. A lot of rain. It has rained almost all week and another downpour has started just as I'm typing this.

    On the political side, things are getting tense again. The H.A.T.'s greatest ally (Col. Khadafi) has had to give up the reins of the African Union to the president of Malawi, a member of the SADC (hence, one of the most vocal opponents of the current regime). As you can guess, the H.A.T. is scrambling to limit the damage to their credibility but hey, it was about time "The Guide" and his support for coup-generated governments went away. Now we've heard rumors that, as a start, Malagasy airlines would be prevented from entering SADC airspace. A bit of a problem for Air Madagascar since, see, we're literally surrounded by SADC countries. Not to mention Air Mad's very lucrative flights to South Africa and Mauritius will have to stop. It's almost pathetic to see Rajoelina fly to France regularly to ask for more help from the only country that almost openly supports him.

    Another big problem with the current regime is that they have more and more difficulty trying to pretend they still have some kind of control over the army. Soldiers are now literally roaming the land, doing whatever they like. The government has promised a 15% pay rise but then the actual rise is just 14% due to clerical error? No sooner said than done: armed soldiers surround the Ministry of Finances, and a few hours later the missing 1% is paid. Drunk soldier got involved in a bar brawl, lost his temper, machine gunned the other patrons and as a result got beaten to death by the survivors? No sooner said than done, two truckloads of soldiers come into the neighborhood, beat up everyone they meet, randomly arrest a few dozen people and impose a strict curfew on the surroundings. Opponents of the regime are gathering on a public place to pray for the country? The army gleefully comes and teargasses them without restriction, nevermind that there's a frickin' elementary school downwind from the gathering. And meanwhile, guess what? They forget to take care of the actual banditry. So now we've got civilian militias forming to protect the small towns because the army and police are too busy having fun with their newfound importance and their Weapons of “Mass Power-Addiction.”

    Then we've got the collapse of teh economy around here. Since the U.S.A. kicked us out of the AGOA as promised, we've got several thousand more jobless people on our hands. Trade with the SADC countries is literally dying, and local production rots where it stands because the distribution infrastructure is mostly down. Remember when I said that cooking oil and most dairy products had become luxuries last year? Well, sugar and flour are about to join the club, with a sudden 50% price rise on both in the last weeks. As you can guess, the middle class is quickly going down in numbers while the lower class is more numerous than ever.

    Speaking of that, as the good african-needs-white-master that he is, Rajoelina was sooooo proud of having been interviewed on a French TV channel, he asked his private TV (an the state TV) to show that continuously for several days. What's funny is that he never realized how the interviewer's questions were all condescending comments. See, in French we call barbed comments “piques,” which basically means a needle. Well, the interview contained so many “piques” directed at Rajoelina, it could have been called a nice acupuncture session. I mean, Rajoelina was sincerely smiling when the newsman ended the interview with “This was Andry Rajoelina, de facto leader of Madagascar, a country of which 72% of the population currently lives under the poverty threshold.” Mind if I call Rajoelina the perfect candidate for an urgent brain transplant?

    On another subject, two of my former classmates called me — separately — to offer me a job. The first one wants me to appear on TV in person (something I have a phobia of, in case I never said it) basically so I can teach the art of 3D graphics to the uneducated masses. The second guy wants me to help him mount a company that would produce realistic pictures and animations of buildings out of technical plans that would be given to him. I'll be honest, the first proposition is a definite big no (despite Grandma and the extended family calling me stupid for refusing the celebrity brought by a TV appearance). The second proposition is okay enough... provided that my friend is serious enough. So far, I have a very mixed opinion...

    My problem with all that is that... well, see, remember when I said I wanted to get away from jobs involving graphics? I'd call that one heck of a timing; two graphics job offers in less than three days...

    This being a rather stressful period, it was expected that I get my share of nightmares again. This week, I can count at least three that I remembered: one involved fleeing from a nazi esclavagist (!!!) and failing because the escape boat sank into a river filled with alligators, the second one involved a scenario like that of District 9 but with robots, and the last one involved being put on a mission to kill all the students in a campus. Ugh. Well, a nice change at least is that I remember at least two nice dreams involving [livejournal.com profile] worksinreallife... No, not that kind of dream. Yeah, I got some of those too, but heh... these ones were rather nice, having far more effect on my morale than my...erm... well. Anyway, I always woke up from these with a big grin and a sigh (you know, when you realize it as still just a dream...)

    And now for the puppy news: he's fine now, more or less. The vet gave us tonics to give him, and he's already quite playful. His pointy teeth seem to have found an affinity for our toes, too, not to mention we still don't know how to teach him to choose one place for his droppings instead of leaving them everywhere... We're still undecided on how to call him, though the choice has boiled down to two names: Spot, or Blotch. Mom prefers the second option, which already made [livejournal.com profile] worksinreallife have fun with “the puppy who shares a name with a famous furry erotica artist duet.” Hey, whaddayathink, of course I didn't tell Mom and Nick about that other Blotch!

Anyway, have some photos! )


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