Feb. 20th, 2010

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As of today, the new puppy is in. As expected, she's a short-legged furball. Actually, I think half her volume is pure fluffy fur. Her name's Poopy... okay, so no one in the family is responsible for that name, she already grew up with it where she was before. Though guess what's the first thing she did when she got home? Yeah, more cleaning duty for the resident puppy-sitter, me.

Blotchie's reaction to her arrival was... hilarious. He was first deeply annoyed and jealous ("what's with the fluffy bed-stealing thing?") but after a moment he discovered her rather touchy temperament. So he turned into the playful annoying jerk, always tugging at her tail and getting snarled at in the process. Seeing how fast his tail is wagging, I think he greatly enjoys teasing her. After a long, loooong time though, it became anoying even for me. He won't even stop trying to play when she's trying to take a nap! And I already found his almost infinite reserves of energy tiresome before...

And now that I think, we now have two puppies sharing a name with an artist (Poopy is a local pop singer). Niiice...

Speaking of dirty smelly things... our neighbors are utter jerks. The one to the south (thus, just under my window) has opened a karaoké bar on Valentine's Day. Which shouldn't be half-bad, except that the bar has zero sound insulation. Listening to the patrons go at it gets quite painful after a while, especially when the bar stays open at night (you want a mental image? Well, think "brawny guy sings If I Were a Boy without even understanding what it even means"). And of course, I'm not sure we can do something about it, since they seem to have a bona fide authorization from the mayor's office... Drat.

The neighbor on the northern side is far worse. I don't know if any of you remember how he used to raise chicken just under Mom's window a while ago. Well, he's recently started raising pigs instead. And while he does a passable job at sound insulation, the smell of pig urine has permeated everything within reach. Mom grew accustomed to it (to her annoyance), but when she opens her window the smell gets so bad that I almost suffocate sometimes! Even worse, the smell is so bad that on warm days (meaning, almost every afternoon) the smell even reaches my own window on the opposite side of the house. Urgh.

On the political side, the African Union is just now meeting to decide which sanctions to take against the H.A.T. government. I haven't heard news about that yet, but they're getting jumpy here. Of course, Alain Ramaroson, the resident isolationist, keeps blathering about foreign interference in Madagascar's sovereignty. Filthy hypocrite, these guys have all the rights to take decisions about you and your friends' foolish actions: over half the country's income comes from their pockets, remember? You can't get the money and avoid the rules that come with it. Or as French sayings will put it: you can't have the butter, the money for the butter and the milkwoman in one swing...

And now, more puppy photos! )

Last photo: I found all the internet cards I've spent just to stay in contact with [livejournal.com profile] worksinreallife over the course of about seven months. In case it's hard to make out, each card on the left stack is worth 5,000 ariary, and each one on the right is 10,000 ariary.

Counting 2,500 ariary per connection hour, that's 118 hours of internet access you're looking at. And counting roughly 2,000 ariary for one US dollar, these stacks put together are worth $147.50... Not much by US standards, but that's almost a full month of my former wages and about a fifth of what my savings were before the crisis.


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