Feb. 27th, 2010

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In the last hour, we had the most intense thunderstorm of the season. I mean, I saw it coming up to four hours ago, when it was still just a dark cloud on the western horizon. I expected it to dissolve before reaching us, or at least I expected it to have weakened. Well, no luck. there was a lot of wind, extremely heavy rain, even some hail and lotsa lightning strikes. Poor Mom, I wonder how she did at the shop, she has a deadly phobia of lightning. And she hasn't brought an umbrella, either... No damage to the house though, besides the puppies' temporary kennel: it was made in cardboard, but it was supposed to be sheltered by the balcony's roof. No luck there either, since rain fell at an angle shallow enough to reach and ruin it. Oh well...

Next: the flooding earlier this week. See, we got a problem with our water supply. It's lasted for over 10 years already: water runs only during the night, and when it does, it can be silty (as in "looks-like-hot-chocolate" silty). This week though, the thing played a trick on me. I had decided to wash the dishes since Nick was too sick to do it (flu and/or chikungunya fever) and Mom was at the store (and a bit sick, too). When I turned the tap on, it turned out water wasn't available yet, so I resorted to using the good old bucket-and-jug technique. It took a while since there was over a day's worth of dishes. I hadn't noted that I had left the tap on though.

Fifteen minutes after I was done, Mom came home and screamed for help: btoh the kitchen AND the living room were under almost an inch of water. So not only did water return in force, the sink was blocked too... As a result, the pups found refuge on the step leading to the bedroom corridor, and we all spent a good hour getting rid of the flood. A good thing those two rooms had tiled floors and no carpet... Nice side effect: Mom had been planning to wash those tiles for a while now. All done!

The day after the flood, I decided to finally tackle the problem of the blocked sink. It was long, tiresome, and I can attest to having uttered the word "Ewwwwww..." over a dozen times while trying not to regurgitate all my meals since last year. The shower afterward felt great though.

The day after fixing the sink, bad joke: someone forgot to turn off the tap in the bathroom. Thankfully, the basin there was not blocked and by the time I woke up there was still no flooding involved. I don't want to peek at our upcoming water bill, though. Activties of the afternoon: bathing the puppies. The only troubleful part was getting Poopy not to drink the dirty, soapy water dripping from her.

Today, another bad joke. See, I slept late last night. VERY late. I didn't expect to wake up early after all. Well, guess what, Dad decided to test his newly improved speaker system. Full volume, just under my bedroom. And, coincidence or not, he used Poopy's CD (the artist, not the pup!). While she's not half bad as a singer, I still didn't appreciate being waken up by her voice after merely five hours of sleep. One would understand why I took a few more sleep hours after the sound testing was done...

Speaking of the puppies, Poopy is still the little blighter. Try imagining needle-like teeth stuck to a playful but temperamental bundle of noisy nerves. On the contrary, Blotchie has become almost taciturn. Plays only with her and not with us humans anymore, often has his ears lowered, doesn't return much affection anymore... Feeling rejected maybe? It'd be quite ironic, seeing that we've all shown more attention to him to compensate for having to care a lot about the fluffy blighter. On another note though, it's crazy how one wouldn't notice that he's more than doubled in weight since we got him, and he's now able to go up and down the stairs outside (often leaving Poopy to *loudly* whimper the equivalent of "DUN LEAVE ME ALONE!!!" on the topmost step)...

LAst note: ugh, I think I've got the beginnings of a sore throat...


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