Mar. 18th, 2010


Mar. 18th, 2010 04:28 pm
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Okay, so these jobs I applied to last week didn't call back, and this week's job offers are useless. Better luck next week? I hope so. Spending money to check my e-mails during week days on top of my usual talk-with-[ profile] worksinreallife week-end connection is too much of a strain to my taste.

One thing I realized yesterday: in my family, nobody ever apologizes. If you did wrong to someone, then you'll know you've been forgiven if that person starts talking to you again as if nothing happened. I've never heard anyone as much as mutter an apology. I think yesterday was the first day I ever heard someone apologize to someone else in the family, and that first someone was me.

A bit pretentious, heh. But it's a way to say I had a row with Mom yesterday. Pathfinder was showing on TV during dinner, and Nick and I started discussing things like how long the Vikings really stayed in America. Mom, who had had a stressful day, chided me for never discussing anything important with Nick, like his studies or such. Well, I was tressed too so I bit back on how I couldn't help Nick with his studies if he doesn't bring up the subject himself — I don't even know what exactly he's studying lately! From there, it just escalated, at least on my side. I was just a bit annoyed by all the "you should" and "you should have"-s directed at me. I should have studied management and/or business instead of computer science, I should have stayed in school instead of going to work, I should have... well, I'm sure "I should have stuck with a girlfriend instead of a boyfriend" is still on some people's minds (Dad's, for example).

And then, apparently, I should have tried harder to leave the country, like Nick's best friend did. I'm sorry, but being told that I didn't try hard enough to be with [ profile] worksinreallife is several steps beyond what I can stomach without reacting. I mean, so, fine, Nathanael is about to leave for three years of studies in Japan, nice for him. I'm still stuck here after almost three years of trying to find every single legal way of moving in with my boyfriend, sucks for me. But at least, if some people aren't going to offer support, they should at least avoid implying that Nath just tried hard enough, while I didn't.

Anyway, rambling aside, the argument pretty much buried the evening's mood under a few feet of ice. I don't know what eventually pushed me to apologize to Mom for cracking up, but heh, I did, and it surprised us both.

Another subject, now: there was some tear-gassing going on again yesterday. Threatened with the loss of their usual gathering place, the anti-H.A.T. protesters decided to try another tactic: instead of gathering in huge numbers at one single place, they decided to gather in small groups in each and every neighborhood, before converging towards the downtown areas. The army didn't like that. They lost their temper and just tear-gassed whoever they could, whenever they could. Combined with the unrest within the army's ranks and the growing number of occupations on strike (the paramedics started it), it says a lot about the success of the H.A.T.'s struggle "for the people".

On the subject of weather: after Cyclone Hubert's passage last week and the rain that came with it, the large terrain accros the river has switched from being a soccer stadium to a lake again. Yeah, it does so every year anyway. Provided no more rain happens though, it should be totally drained by the end of next week.

Last: the puppies are fine. Being unemployed and stuck at home at least helps me take care of them somehow, including the weekly bath. Though I keep forgetting Blotchie's vet follow-up, guh. Anyway, he's almost tripled in size now, while Poopy is still as small, prone to being stepped upon on accident. Still a bundle of toothy nerves, too.


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