Mar. 22nd, 2010

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Blotchie killed a spider and brought its remains to the front door. Eek. And I think it's the same two-inch-long freakish thing that almost fell onto my face yesterday when I took out the trash.

The news are full of the results of France's recent regional elections (they were voting for the Regional Councils, which for you Americans is the lite version of a State Senate). Aaanyway, it's fun to see that, out of about two dozen regions, only two voted for the presidential party (Alsace and Reunion Island). All others voted for the Socialist Party, which gave a pink map of France with only two tiny blue parts (Alsace being the smallest region in mainland France). The irony gets worse in that the National Party got nice scores too. Apparently the biggest far-right party fares better than even the normal right wing - a definition of "slap in the face" if I ever heard one XD

Nick woke us all up at 3am last night. Apparently a cockroach or a mouse (not sure which) did so much noise in his room, he couldn't sleep. His only solution for that was to make his own noise to frighten the thing away. Only, he put so much enthusiasm in that, Mom and I also woke up.

I just sprayed Nick's room with insecticid now. He'll just have to take care to aerate it a bit before going in. I also offered him to put a mousetrap to work in there... The offer made him smile, then laugh out loud while saying "Yes, yes there'll be one." For those who wonder, I had used the word "tapette" in my offer. The word translates to "mousetrap" when used in its general sense, but as a slang term it translates to "fag" or "pansy". Okay Nick, you win this round. I'll get my revenge... soon (I always do, MWAHAHAHAAAAA!)
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Go on and ask me anything. I think I'll do the same as [ profile] redstar918 and answer here instead though.
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Another job interview coming up tomorrow afternoon. Wish me luck... again.


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