Mar. 31st, 2010

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Poopy didn't make it. She barely lived a few hours after my last posts. What makes it worse? Even if we had diagnosed her in time, it might not have helped since it was a freakin' three day week-end and all the vets we knew were on vacation.

And what makes it even worse? Blotchie, who had survived an earlier infection without treatment (we realized a bit late how lucky he'd been), made a relapse on sunday evening. So it was one long rush to make sure he'd survive until tuesday so we could finally see the vet. Fortunately, this time it worked. He's been under a... painful... treatment since yesterday. Painful as in “Aren't those kind of syringes for horses, not puppies? And why are you preparing four of them?”, but also painful as in “Three times how many dollars?” Poor Mom is having headaches from the financial strain, and poor Blotchie comes back K-O'ed for the day after each session at the vet's. And given that the infection drained him of all appetite, we've had to resort to syringe-feeding him sweetened water (and the occasional liquefied meat)

So to take my mind of things for a little while, I went out shopping this afternoon. Okay, I don't do that often, and with finances tight I only got a new cap and... erm... some underwear before the atmosphere drove me home. And by atmosphere I mean an overabundance of both scary-looking soldiers and sneaky-looking cutpurses. I got home without attracting the attention of either, though.

Ah yeah, speaking of insecurity: there was a scare here yesterday. A rumor went around that suspicious-looking individuals were seen scouting the area, so in case that meant an imminent round of armed house-robbings, the whole neighborhood organized a watch. Either it was a false alarm, or we scared them away. Ha.
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Quote of the day: a French news anchor said that whoever invented suppositories deserved a place in the annals of medicine. Oh, zing!

Out of about a dozen pieces of clothing I bought recently, all but one are over 95% black. Am I turning goth, now? Nah, I just like the color. Even if it's quite the hassle when standing under a glaring sun.

Due to the limited number of professional voice actors, some American actors tend to end up having the same voice in French dubs. For example, Harrison Ford and the late Patrick Swayze. Or George Clooney and Arnold Schwarzenneger. Or Matthew Perry and Jim Carey (and Simba in TLK!). Or Sigourney Weaver and Jodie Foster (which is a shame, since Jodie actually speaks French with a perfect French accent!). Anyway, the "sharing a voice" thing has never led to any funny situations so far. Chance or perfect planning?


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