Apr. 3rd, 2010

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Things I've done today:

  • Checked on Blotchie. He still has that mix of physical exhaustion and mental alertness. Also, I haven't seen any traces of internal bleeding today. We're crossing fingers, toes and everything else that could be possibly crossed.

  • Made French Toast for the first time. The verdict is: could've been better, could've been MUCH worse. Nick liked, and so did Dad. Only Mom's opinion remains, once she gets back from the store.

Things I'll do over the upcoming week:

  • On monday, walk to our countryside property to harvest any guavas that haven't fallen prey to our local cousins. Good exercise is to be had (the walk is about eight miles to there). We could take a bus, of course. But this being Easter Monday, we'll probably go faster on foot (especially on the return trip).

  • Later, get all paperwork ready for my job. Aw man, I haven't had a REAL job in 15 months, I've lost a few habits...

Go figure, the weather seems aware that this is a three-day week-end everyone takes advantage of for a short vacation. It's been windy, cloudy and slightly rainy all day long, after days of implacable sunshine.


erkhyan: My fursona (Default)
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