Apr. 10th, 2010

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Blotch is recovering, finally. His appetite came back on sunday, and by tuesday he was able to eat almost normally again. there was a little aftereffect in that for a few days he was unable to walk without his head pointing right down (collisions ensued), but that seems over now. Just today, he barked at several things, which is more than a good sign. He's taken to napping in my bedroom too, which shouldn't be a problem once I manage to get rid of these damned fleas.

My hiring date has been pushed one day, I start working on the 13th instead of the 12th. At least all the paperwork's done and gathered now.

Would some extra money be worth the hassle of having to install a fully functional Windows XP system (with Office, antivirus and all) on a frickin' computer that was initially meant for Windows 98? And people should be warned that just because a computer is "newly acquired" doesn't mean it's anywhere near recent. For the computer-savvy people out there, here are the specs of that machine: PentiumIII 866MHz, 128Mb RAM, 16Mb graphics card, 15Gb disk, 15" screen.

Rumors of a possible military coup, ugh...

Photos from last monday's trip are included in the next post.
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Easter Monday's day out — with photos! )

Notes that I couldn't put amidst the photos:
  • Just because Nick went to Ankadiefajoro with his girlfriend a pair of months ago, everyone now expects me to do the same. "We've seen your brother's, where's yours?" was a question I've heard too often. Mom's insistence that I don't reveal the existence of my boyfriend to the extended family always pushes her to try and distract the conversation whenever the subject comes up. The usual reply is just that I don't have a girlfriend... yet (which always leads to a — thankfully short — sermon on how I should have one already, how my cousins all got married around 18-19 and how most of them are parents already)

  • Of course the trip gave Mom and I the usual amount of racial epithets. Mom just shrugged them off, while I was constantly struggling not to "feed the trolls"... Weirdly, Nick of all people took offense at these remarks and was always a step away from biting back.


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