Apr. 17th, 2010

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First week of work... Apparently I'm learning this job faster than expected. I hope that means good news. That was the first time I ever signed an NDA, by the way. One that binds me to the laws of the State of California. Hehe, does that count as being a bit there already?

One thing I found to be a hassle though: the commute. I share the bus line with probably half the students of the University of Ankatso. That means having to struggle every morning to get a bus. Lots of running, pushing around... Favorite playground for pickpockets. One of them made away with my keys and USB drive this week. Geez.

There's also a problem wildly varying commute times. Trip took 50 minutes on Tuesday, 75 minutes on Wednesday, almost 90 minutes on Thursday... and to top it all off, no more than 30 minutes on Friday. That one would have been good, but I had left early that day, expecting a 90-minute commute. Net result, I got to my workplace almost 40 minutes before the janitor was even allowed to let me in. Did I look stupid, standing in front of that gate with nothing else to do and nowhere else to go...

Bathed Blotchie today. And I mean bathed, not just showered as usual. Poor pup must have thought I was trying to drown him, but something had to be done about these fleas, with his habit of napping in our bedrooms. We never allowed a dog to do that before, but Blotchie shows an unusual intelligence in that he's the first of our dogs to actually learn about limits (no pooing or peeing inside, no raiding the garbage bin and/or the larder, ...). Mom stills insists on him sleeping outside at night though.

Last thing: one of my co-workers participated in a short film competition and saw her entry denied (shown but not eligible) because it was "too vocal against the current regime." Gawd, I haven't heard that expression since the good ol' Stalinist days of Ratsiraka in the 1980s...


erkhyan: My fursona (Default)
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