Apr. 24th, 2010

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On friday, I almost broke a minibus's rear window on purpose. And people didn't resent me for it. Er, okay, the minibus's owner did, but everyone thinks he deserved it anyway.

Let me tell the story from the beginning: evening commute, the bus I'm in approaches a roundabout. A private minibus refuses to let it pass, speeds and cuts it up. The bus is forced to stop with the minibus about that close to touching it. And the freakin' minibus's external rearview mirror stops a few inches from my face.

I'm shocked at first, but not as much as when I realize the minibus's driver is too busy trying to compete with our bus's driver to notice that he almost bashed someone's face at full speed. At first, I don't react. I'm not the kind to react to that, apparently. But then the moron just won't let it down. He manages to get in front of the bus and deliberately stops in the middle, challenging the bus to try and pass. At the moment, the bus's passengers are getting more than annoyed.

A bit of skilfull maneuvering from the bus driver and we manage to slip between the minibus and the sidewalk. When the bus's front arrives near the minibus's front, our driver stops to ask the other what's wrong with him. In response, the minibus suddenly moves to the side and almost hits the bus again. So I just snap and, with both fists, hit the part of the minibus closest to me: its rear window, barely two feet away from me.

The whole window rattles at that and almost breaks. Surprised, the minibus's driver pulls his vehicle away from us. He stops a bit farther, asking "who's the motherfucker who just dared." Before I can reply, he decides that it's the man sitting behind me. He shouts insults to the guy, until my fellow passenger reveals that he's got kind of a muscle-bound build. "Come tell that to my face if you dare," indeed.

That finally concludes teh confrontation as the two vehicles take separate routes. But, angry as I was against that guy, I made sure to flip him two on the way, letting him know I bashed his window.

It felt good to react, for once. Oh yes it did.


erkhyan: My fursona (Default)
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