Apr. 27th, 2010

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Lemme try and see if I can get the number to ten:

Disney's Robinhood (figures...)

Balto (suuuuurprised?)

Justin in Nimh.

Prince Argai from the eponymous french cartoon.

Renart in the french cartoon "Moi, Renart" (handsome, Parisian, occasionally crossdressing playboyfoxes from the 1980s, anyone?)

Todd the fox in The Fox and the Hound. I never knew whether the original version included the one heavy sexual innuendo that made it to the French version...

Do comic books characters count? In that case I'll mention Andrea and the Cafou from Les Lumières de l'Amalou.
The first one is an anthropomorphic ferret who's both extremely erudite and an action guy (though occasionally usually a jerk) who once woke up naked in the same bed as his male best friend (squeeee! - but it was nothing like that). Also: "Andrea! Andrea!... You... erm, you let your towel go..."
The Cafou one is a huge, quadrupedal, sentient, black-furred, sabretoothed cat. Combines badass qualities (and how!) with a hint of naïveté and the most lovely lisp (it's the teeth). To outline how badass he is: he dies every morning and dissolves into ash... only to be reborn every evening from a pool of lava.
Arguably, Arthus from the same series could come as handsome too (not to mention his fixation on Andrea), but even without his awful fashion taste, that guy often comes up as creepy.

On the topic of comic book characters, I also have an obvious spot for Smirnov and Lt. Fox from Blacksad. By extension, most policemen in that series are handsome.

Also, Don Lope de Villalobos Y Sangrin from De Cape et de Crocs. Yeah, he's straight as an arrow (hardline Catholic, sigh...) but he's a spanish wolf for heaven's sake! "Swoon magnet" and "Testosterone" must be amongst his (many) middle names.

Lastly, can anyone remind me of the name of that polar bear kid? The one with a red sweater, yellow pants and a scarf? Yup, first crush, as a kid.

Oops. More than ten. My bad.


erkhyan: My fursona (Default)
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