May. 7th, 2010


May. 7th, 2010 09:46 am
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 Hey, I've been paid! I'VE BEEN PAID! GLEEEEEEEEEEE!!!


Sorry, but it's been a while. Especially knowing that my last two... rather small... paychecks (Dec. 2008 and Dec. 2009) had just served to cushion the soon-to-be-followed proverbial boot.
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Well, not an easy task, but we finally got the package out of the postal service's grasp. It required $5 n postal fees, $25 on customs fees... and one of the USB drives. Yup. I had to sacrifice one of nine USB drives so the customs agent wouldn't make me pay for the undeclared items. Which is, when you think of it, not too much considering just how much hasn't been declared. *winks at [ profile] worksinreallife*

I gave one of the three phones to Mom. I don't remember when was the last time I saw her positively squee the way she did yesterday. Oh yes, she loves her new phone so very much.

Of the two phones I kept for myself, one still requires that I find a compatible charger. Shouldn't take long - I hope.

As usual, there was a victim in the package. The graphics card, despite all the padding, was damaged. One of the electronic components on it literally fell apart when I got the card out of its wrapping. Oh well.

Two funny occurrences during the pickup process: first, as expected, the customs agent needed to be convinced that kneaded erasers are not explosives despite an eerily similar appearance. Second: when negotiating a lowering of the customs fees, never, oh never bring Nick ever again. His utter cluelessness destroyed almost all of the arguments Mom tried to use.


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