May. 20th, 2010

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The last 24 hours were... let's say, deeply unsatisfying. I could have done without all this:

 After Mom's photocopier had been damaged by a power surge a few days ago, she was already on her nerves. Then a second power surge damaged her computer yesterday, effectively depriving her of 90% of her tools of the trade. I'd had a stressful day and wanted to spend the evening relaxing, but ended up repairing the computer instead. After a few hours, I finally managed to fix it (at the expense of components I had intended to use for upgrading my computer). The verdict on the photocopier isn't out yet.

Repairing that computer exposed me to so much dust, the lower part of my dark gray pants turned dusty brown. The rainy weather messed up the laundry schedule though, meaning that I won't have a new change of clothes until tomorrow at best. So I'm here, at work, with very visibly dirty clothes, guh.

The stress of almost losing her breadwinning tools apparently took its toll on Mom. She told me she didn't feel too well this morning and stayed in bed. Except, she usually insists on preparing sandwiches for my lunch every morning. By the time she told me she couldn't do that today, it was too late for me to take care of preparing them by myself. So here it goes, I'll probably have to buy one of the small but expensive sandwiches available at work instead.

Tempers flared in the first bus I took this morning, leading to a fistfight between an obnoxious passenger and an over-proud conductor. That led to the bus being blocked at the stop until the passenger was chased away by passersby.

This being Thursday, market day downtown, catching the second bus of my commute proved to be as much of a hassle as usual (think 25 persons for each seat available).

Oh swell, the conductor involved in that earlier fistfight forgot to give me back my change. Oh well, I'll have to walk a bit this evening instead of going by bus then (trip will be over an hour instead of 15-20 minutes...)

A political protest was supposed to happen near work. I don't know how that's going, but there's one thing: while I agree with the protesters on the principle, I'm not sure about having trigger-happy soldiers on both sides of the issue.

As usual, asking Dad for help tends to be annoying. I asked him about finding anti-flea collars for the dog, and what I got instead is a list of how to avoid needing these collars entirely. As if my asking about the collars didn't imply that all the other tricks had failed already.

There. I could write more that pissed me off in the last 24 hours, but I think I've got quite a nice list already.

Uh oh...

May. 20th, 2010 10:50 am
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 Shooting in the distance and explosions outside. Cripes.
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 The shootings and explosions ended two hours ago, but the power outage that came along ended only half an hour ago (and power is still unstable).

Reports say that there were several injured and one reported death among the protesters. Apparently, as I expected, there were army members on both sides... Still at work now, but none of us know how long this reprieve will last or even if it'll be safe coming to work tomorrow.


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