May. 22nd, 2010

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Okay, so, on thursday, we had a literal civil war here. The FIGN (Forces d'Intervention de la gendarmerie Nationale) held a protest against the government, which an unknown number of civilians joined. Saidgovernment predictably didn't appreciate and sent its FIS (Forces d'intervention Sp├ęciales) units to scatter the protest. From there, it turned bad quite quickly...

It turned out the FIGN guys had brought a full arsenal up there to counter any attempt at capturing/dispersing them. For several hours, both factions traded blows, using everything at their disposal — including machine guns and freakin' rocket launchers. Surprisingly though, all the display of violence didn't cause a massacre. If you can say that... One person on each side died in the firefight, and several were injured (a civilian — a Pastor — who had stood on the protesters' side died of his injuries later).

Later that evening, the FIS finally managed to successfully capture the FIGN's main stronghold. The latter unit seemed to have prepared for the possibility though, as none of the persons involved in the protest were arrested. Yup. Except for the unfortunate one who died, all of them successfully slipped away. So, in a way, they managed to mitigate their defeat some.

There were some arrests afterwards though: the offices of Radio Fahazavana, which supported the protests, were raided overnight. All of the journalists and technicians were brought away for "interrogation". Wanna bet some of them won't reappear? *sigh*

The impact on me: I was scared. Of all the family, I was the closest to the fighting: less than half a mile. At one time, the rockets even started falling close enough to severely rattle our workplace's windows. We were not allowed out of the office during the worst episodes, while power was down for hours. In the evening though, during a short period of quietness, we were evacuated and brought home by one of the company's vehicles. Later, our hierarchy decided to not risk having us caught in possible trouble again, so as a precaution we were not to work on friday (which, considering that Whitsun Monday is a non-working day, makes us a four-day week-end. <lack of enthusiasm>Yaaaay</lack of enthusiasm>)

My hate declaration of the day: FUCK YOU, MALAWI. Homosexuality isn't part of your culture, ain't it? Well, get this: three centuries ago — heck, barely a century ago —, "Africans being human beings" wasn't part of the Western culture. Western nations outlawed slavery, which had been a large part of their culture for centuries, but you won't get rid of homophobia because it is part of your culture? Get bent, hypocrites. And enjoy your 14% AIDS prevalence, while you're at it.

In other news, Nick turned 21 yesterday. I... well, forgot about it. Had my mind elsewhere, y'know... Dad remembered, but got the date wrong (he thought it was today). And to our surprise, family abroad remembered (de la part de Dadou: Merci!).

And, to counteract the gloomy mood of this post, have a three-month-old photo of Blotchie looking cute. )


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