Jun. 7th, 2010

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 Okay, so I went shopping on Saturday and got two new pairs of pants. Compare my shopping skills to Nick's: I got these for around $25, he got his for around $10. Okay, admittedly he'd brought a female friend with him just for that purpose.

Looking at these new clothes now. They look nice, but in retrospect I should have remembered why I always bought pants three size too large before. While everyone comments on how they look nice on me, these things are on the "fitting" side of things. Also known as "don't try to run up stairs - you might crunch your valuables."

Now, for the family visit part: Aunt Maryse arrived from Reunion Island on saturday night, for a one-month visit. According to Mom (and pretty believable), it's an attempt to flee the Soccer World Cup craze. Having professional soccer players as a husband and a son must hurt sometimes, hehe. Anyway, it was cute seeing all three of Grandma's daughters reunited around bottles of... beer... yesterday. Surprisingly, no jokes were made (to my knowledge) about the fact that Aunt Maryse is now a grandmother on her own.
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 A TV show host mentioned Extencilline (benzathine benzylpenicillin) this morning. I thought he had just seen the name somewhere and all that, until he mentioned being subjected to it. And he went on to list the effects. Oooh man, bad memories.

People, don't let the (short) wikipedia article fool you. When they say it is "slowly absorbed into the circulation after intramuscular injection," they really mean the thing is so thick and viscous, there's no way it could possibly disperse away from the injection site in an acceptable time. The thing literally pools where it's been injected, subjecting the poor recipient to horrible pain for a long time (I'm not ashamed to say I fainted twice in my life due to it, and was left unable to move over a dozen times).

And the worst? The thing is thick enough that, no matter the size of the syringe, it will get clogged during injection. My record is three needles ruined for a single dose of extencilline (yes, I fainted). And the doctor had used the largest needles he had around!

I remember now how, back in France, I told a doctor I had received monthly extencilline injections for over 4 years. I saw her cringe and she told me there was a reason using that kind of treatment was discouraged in France.

And now for the second fact: a survey of 221 cities was made, to check which ones were the cleanest. Antananarivo ranks 217th out of 221. I'm... not surprised. Sad though, as we ranked a lot higher than that three years ago...


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