Jun. 15th, 2010

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Mmm, okay, first, Uncle Christian’s little judicial problem was setteled out of court. One less drama issue to care about, I guess.

To whoever put a photo of Ravalomanana in the newspaper, sitting at the presidential tribune during the World Cup opening ceremonies, cheering, being generally happy and with the caption “So where’s your international arrest warrant NOW?” : I LOVE YOU.

I thought I’d lost my USB drive yesterday. It kinda pissed me off for a while: not only is it an excellent USB drive, it was also a gift from [livejournal.com profile] worksinreallife. But it turns out I had actually just put it in another pocket for its own safety... Oh memory, don't ya play those tricks on me!

Fully recovered from whatever I had, now. But now Mom has severe tonsillitis. Ugh.
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A list of things that often happen in my dreams and/or nightmares:

Falling down cliffs. Sometimes includes the cliff then falling down on me.

Walking/jumping down seemingly unending hill slopes.

Being unable to lift my whole body more than a foot off the ground using my feet.

Experiencing a Groundhog Day loop that almost always ends up badly (e.g. the world ending over and over and over again in the same dream, but a different manner each time)

Ever dreamed that you dreamed of a dream about waking up? a.k.a. “WTF I hope this time it’s not a dream anymore and I really woke up.”

Something really good happens. Something I’ve always wanted, but never happened. And then it happens. And then I wake up. Crap.

Bodily injuries. Includes being shot, stabbed, sliced, ... Extra points for sometimes including (what feels like) realistic sensations.

Getting the ability to fly. And then struggling to fly higher when said ability proves not to work above a certain (often ridiculously low) height.

I move back to either France or Reunion and try to cope with the move disrupting my life (and often communication with [livejournal.com profile] worksinreallife)

Last trend: I use public transportation, overshoot my destination (whatever it is) by a few minutes, then try to trace back on foot. Except suddenly the distance seems like miles... Often, I wake up before even making it halfway.
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Neck spasms. I hates them. They often aren't painful, but they're rather disagreeable still. Especially since they lead to large-scale, involuntary movements on my part. I once banged my head against my headboard because of a spasm. A few minutes ago, another spasm led to my co-workers hearing me shout "OWCH! Sonnuva..." and witnessing my right arm throwing my computer mouse away in a completely uncontrolled, involuntary manner.

As I said, annoying. And kinda random, seeing as it can happen in bed, at work, while eating or any circumstance you can think of.

EDIT: Oh yeah, I forgot to define how they feel: it's just like someone plugged one side of my neck to a power source. Hence the startled movements, really.


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