Jun. 18th, 2010

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A Facebook contact of mine invited me for a drink with a friend of his on Thursday. As an Australian man living in Madagascar, apparently he was seeking people so he could talk English once in a while. It fit me well, I haven't spoken to anyone in English in two years. If you don't count garbled phone calls, make that over eight years XD

It was... fun. Being the awkward asocial creature that I am, someone attempting to get me a social life is a good thing... Next time we meet, I'll just have to think through how I'll get home. Paying for a cab financially hurts, letting someone pay stings the self-esteem. I'll have to find a solution... somehow.

Also, my spoken English is horrible. That's all. I'm already notorious for stammering in French and even more in Malagasy, but boy does it get worse in English.

On other news, I'm finally done with the project that's kept me occupied at work for almost a month. Counting, I translated over 44,000 words from English to French in that period. Everything tried to prevent me from completing my work, from computer malfunctions to last month's fricking rocket launcher fest. Man, am I glad that's over.


erkhyan: My fursona (Default)
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