Jun. 21st, 2010

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Yay family drama. So Aunt M. decided to give (or rather, indefinitely lend) her living room furniture to Mom, seeing as she lives abroad and only comes back here once every few years. All fun and nice, said furniture looks good and is way more comfortable than our own.

We decided to move it ourselves, to avoid useless risks and expenses. Let me say that I knew right at the beginning I'd feel physically sore after that, and today proved me right. Drama struck during the move: Aunt Y. went into an inebriated rant about how she, too, deserves part of the furniture. When about everyone disregarded her rum-fueled opinion, she ran away (taking advantage of our being distracted by moving the huge couch). She took one of the expensive vases with her, and no doubt sold it for more alcohol money.

To any members of my family who reads this blog: yeah, I shouldn't be telling this to the world, but I'm a bit sick of the Culture of Secret this family bathes in. I mean, what the hell? I keep more secrets about you people than I keep about myself!

Anyway, the yelling afterwards lasted well into the night. Grandma, despite having already lost money and items to Aunt Y's antics, doesn't want to take any actions and would rather eat herself out in anguish. Aunt M doesn't want to push the issue either but said she wanted nothing to do with her sister anymore. Mom (and, I noticed, cousin Christelle) are calling out on Grandma and the others for their inaction.

I'm glad I wasn't there for the yelling, but Mom didn't come home until well after 1am, which forced me to stay awake because the front gate had to be kept unlocked. Note, I was supposed to be awake by 5:30am afterwards. I have no idea what finally happened, what was decided or if the vase was retrieved, seeing as I didn't talk to Mom before going to bed and she was still asleep when I left.

I woke up at almost 6am, not really refreshed, and didn't have time to prepare sandwiches for lunch. Oh well, I'll just buy some expensive and/or tasteless food around here. And I'm sore all over. Whoop-dee-woop.

Another topic: I felt smug replying to a homophobic rant on a local forum this morning. Yeah, starting my reply with a "TL;DR, please use the Enter key once in a while" was a bit trollish, but using logic to counter his arguments felt nice. He will probably fail to take the point, but heh, I needed to vent a bit. Not to mention I once again made a remark on how some homophobes obsess over gay sex way more than most gay people I know.

Happy 76th birthday, Grandma. Hope the drama didn't hit you too bad. And I hope Mom will finish that cake she was supposed to bake for you (she did forget it on the kitchen table during the drama, but Nick helpfully covered it to avoid dog-, kid- and fly-related incidents).


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