Jul. 2nd, 2010

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So, besides the bad news from yesterday, a few other things happened.

First, a conversation with a coworker of mine went from photos of a hoax, to discussions on Madagascar's geology... to his discovering that I'm gay. Well, that went well! (arguably, maybe it's his genuine interest and lack of negative reaction that led to my absence of mental breakdown yesterday).

Aunts Maryse and Yolande came for a visit yesterday, along with cousins Angelo and Bettina. Surprisingly, Yolande was sober and Maryse was tipsy. Not that I complain. Drunk Yolande is spiteful, drunk Maryse is just over-emotive (Nick and I received more than our share of motherly hugs yesterday, hehehe)

While mentioning that visit, I remember that Jery TV was having their usual "trailer binge" at that time: a long succession of trailers for movies they intend to show later this year. What surprised me is that, sandwiched between Toy Story 3 and The Expendables, I found... 8: The Mormon Proposition, of all films. Do they actually intend to show that one, or was it a programming mistake on their part?

It was interesting to see the reactions. Mom and Nick pretended hard (too hard?) to avoid noticing the trailer and continued their conversation. Aunt Maryse had had too many beers already to notice anything. Aunt Yolande barely threw a glance to the screen (probably annoyed by an untranslated, unsubtitled trailer and not understanding what it was about). Angelo was answering a call outside and saw nothing. Bettina, of all people, displayed the most homophobic reaction: she let out a loud, disgusted Ewwww! when she saw two men getting married.

Another trailer for a gay-themed film this morning. This time, it was on RTA, which plans on airing I love you, Philip Morris (starring Jim Carrey and Ewan McGregor as lovers) tonight. The trailer was shown during their usual morning show, and the show's crew displayed... interesting reaction.

The resident giggly bubblehead performed as expected. She let out a disgusted "Jim Carrey's playing a fag!?!", which made all the other girls laugh out loud. Whether they were laughing at her reaction or at Jim Carrey's role, I don't really know.

The guys mostly stayed silent, except for the resident trendy metrosexual, who went on to defend the film! My favorite line: "Yeah, we're showing the movie late so kids won't see it - theme and all-, but hopefully it'll show some adults that male/male relationships are usually far from the stereotypes we're used to." I think my respect for him just went up two notches (it wasn't very high to begin with, I admit).

Mom bought me a 500-sheet ream of paper with some money I gave her specifically for that purpose. Hopefully I'll be able to put it to use. If not... well, Nick sometimes bothers me about paper, too.


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