Jul. 5th, 2010

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Aunt Maryse came to visit us on Saturday, since she would leave back for Reunion the following day. Mom and her had already had a few beers down the drain by then, so I wasn't surprised that they started talking about all kinds of things. At one time, they reached the point where they discussed about their experiences about being in Paris (Mom celebrates monument-visiting, Maryse finds monuments boring and useless). Then Mom mentioned the kinds of monuments she'd visit if she were to go to the United States (make that Liberty Island, the World Trade Center site and most of Washington DC's major landmarks). At that point Maryse turned to me and unknowingly sent a dagger straight to my guts. This is how the conversation played:

Maryse: And you? Ever thought of visiting the United States someday?

Mom: (answering in my stead) Well, going there is actually one of his dearest dreams.

Maryse: Ah well, he hasn't been there yet. Obviously it isn't that important to him.

Mom: (getting irritated) Oh yeah, easy for you to say when a mere visit there would cost him the equivalent of two full years of wages, and that's just the plane ticket!

Maryse: (shrugs) Heh, doesn't matter. If he wanted to go, he'd have done it by now.

To my credit, I kept a straight face through the whole thing, though I didn't stay much longer in the living room after that. Her words had pretty much been the only stimulus for last week's bad news to finally sink in.

I retreated into my room by that time, while the discussion evolved into a full-scale argument about Maryse being French (hence, very free of movement) vs. the rest of us being stuck with a Malagasy citizenship and thus pretty much meaning we're blocked here.

I decided to check my messages at that time. Which led me to reading this article. Bad idea. Bad, baaaad idea. My morale definitely took a turn for the worse after reading these stories. I pretty much became too nervous to go to sleep. Hence, I slept at 2am instead of my usual before-midnight.

Thankfully, talking with [livejournal.com profile] worksinreallife the next morning made things better, as it always does. Getting me to talk about my writing rather than my worries was definitely a smart move, and man was I grinning during those three hours and a half. My only regret is that the connection cut off just as I was typing a last "I love you." I've said it many times before and will probably keep saying it, but damn, I hate it when it does that.

Just after being forcibly signed off by time constraints, I hastily put shoes and warm clothes to go wish Aunt Maryse goodbye before she left. A few minutes of treading through chilly wind later, I got told that I missed her by mere minutes. Well, too bad, I guess.

Back to work now, and hoping nothing else will wreck the good mood [livejournal.com profile] worksinreallife took so much effort to instill in me. ;)


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