Jul. 21st, 2010

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I made it that far without mentioning Nick's hair but man was it fun. He had a friend of his straighten is long unruly hair on Monday. the result was simply hilarious, to me at least. It's a bowl cut. Yes, one that could easily turn Spock-ish. But I digress.

There had been rumors of crocodiles haunting the waters of the Ikopa River. I had dismissed them at first - who wouldn't, if the rumors also talked of ghosts, witch rapists (i.e. naked witches who rape men caught alone outside at night - don't snicker) and waterfolks? Then BAM!, yesterday, a woman accidentally caught a 3-foot-long crocodile while fishing. Panic, mothers pulling their kids out of the water, and confirmation of the very probable presence of at least three other (larger) crocodiles in the river. Boy is it going to be fun while they attempt to capture these... For your information, crocodiles are kind of sacred animals here. People fear them, but no one will attempt to hurt one on purpose. The captured specimen has been delivered to a natural park, as will be the others once caught.

Quote of the day, paraphrased: "Some people are so deep in the closet, they can actually see Narnia..."


erkhyan: My fursona (Default)
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