Sep. 12th, 2010

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Been a long time since I posted anything about Blotchie. Okay, been a long time since I posted anything worth it in a while, but today's post is about the dog.

He's growing up nice. A bit turbulent, which can be annoying sometimes, but also very playful.

We've had a problem lately though, if anyone can give advice: he's got two areas on the back of his neck that went fur-less, and one of these is bleeding. In addition to that, he's got several irritated areas over his belly.

I think it might be linked to the fleas, from scratching too much. I try all I can to get rid of the pests, but when I gave him his weekly bath yesterday his belly was so thick with fleas it looked like that scarab swarm in The Mummy Returns! Looks like all the powders we used didn't do their job, and I'm certainly not dousing him in poison every single day.

Any ideas? How to get rid of the fleas? Could the wound be related to them? How to treat it?

(see under the cut for photos of him) )


erkhyan: My fursona (Default)
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