Oct. 11th, 2010

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I already mentioned it before, I'm a huge pile of contradictions, but I thought it'd be nice to make a list of those I'm aware of:

I'm a citizen of an African country but have a decidedly Canadian-like culture (i.e. half-European, half-American).

I loathe almost everything about France but still consider the use of the French language as something I wouldn't give up.

I trust people way too much and way too easily. Yet, I'm extremely paranoid and keep looking over my shoulder when outside.

I'm a perfectionist and a slacker.

I'm gay, but the sight of gay couples interacting still instinctively makes me feel uneasy. The same doesn't apply to hetero couples or non-human fictional couples...

I'm both the most selfless and the most selfish person I know. I switch between those two characters at random.

I'm extremely forgiving, but if I hold a grudge, it'll be for the long term.

I despise violence, but will often have to keep myself from unleashing what I'd describe as pure animalistic rage.

I'm extremely empathic, but can also be extremely uncaring and/or sadistic.

I let people know a lot of things about me, but I'm also a consummate liar with many secrets.

I'm apparently both one of the most boring and the most funny person IRL, depending on the occasion...


erkhyan: My fursona (Default)
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