Feb. 18th, 2011

erkhyan: My Character, Dar'Han (Dar'Han)
This morning, the bus I was in decided to suddenly start up while people where still boarding. The driver then raced to catch up with a colleague of his and, very willingly, almost rammed the other vehicle. Only quick reflexes from the other driver avoided the collision, and I swear I saw that wing mirror flash a couple of feet past my face at 35mph. Why did the driver do that? Well, he wasn't too happy the other bus got ahead of him, so he endangered the lives of three dozen passengers to let the other driver know.

The same bus then proceeded to stop as often and as long as possible to gather more passengers, doubling the duration of the trip and understandably making a lot of people late for work.

And during that trip, a clumsy old man boarded the bus and dropped his bag next to me. The machete contained within burst out and almost stabbed my leg. Who the hell boards a bus with a machete?


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