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You know, I haven't talked about Miss Giggly Bubblehead in a while. It's not that she stopped being annoying and irritating with her mediocrity, it's just that recounting all of her antics would be tiresome.

Sometimes she gets really close to the limits of my tolerance though. Like this morning, for example, when she wondered out loud what was the use of even predicting astronomical events after 2012 anyway, didn't scientists predict the end of the world for that year? Or when she treats anyone above 40 as "old fossils" (ironic as she's the oldest of her colleague and will reach her 40s long before any of them).

But I'll tell you what in her irritates me most. It's her homophobia. I might be biased here, but it's practically the only subject on which she's constantly trying to be serious. Too bad my parents insist on watching the show she's in, because if by chance someone mentions anything LGBT-related, she'll openly and loudly voice her disgust, and that'll ruin a good start for a day (more than her tendency to let out shrill giggles).


Oct. 18th, 2010 01:22 pm
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People will say I'm stressing myself for nothing again, but heh. [ profile] worksinreallife is going through a hard time right now, and I'm agonizing over not being able to do much from here, besides being present as a non-physical entity on a screen. So, yay feeling useless again, despite what everyone says.

If there was but one way I could be there for him right now...

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Hmmm, between the heat and the thick obnoxious smog, everyone here (including myself) seems to be gulping down astronomic quantities of water. Geez, that's what, my third liter today? And... I'm still thirsty as a dried sponge. Yay.

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While coming home earlier, I noticed a large firefighters' truck occupying one of four lanes on the road that bisects Anosibe. Apparently, there was a fire nearby, and a large one by the size of the firefighting contingent.

The group extended a large pipe to access the only water source, amidst the market, some distance away. So, what did I notice that made me wince?

All along the pipe, where the firefighters weren't looking, kids started poking holes into the pipe in order to have fun dispensing impromptu showers to passing cars and buses.

Where were the adults, do you ask? Well, most of them were gathered around the truck, ostensibly to watch the firefighters work. But in practice, the numbers just kept the firefighters from working efficiently. And they were also almost blocking the road's remaining lanes. And those who weren't busy sabotaging the firefighters' work were having fun and laughing every time a car or a bus's occupants received an unwanted, unplanned shower.

Madagascar: where people will have fun stopping the firefighters from saving your burning house!

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I bought one of those on thursday, for $25. I'm pretty sure I'm not the first owner, hence the price. These shoes look a bit battered, but heck, they're comfortable. And I'm glad that I was lucky to get real Timberland shoes, because all the other ones I checked were branded as "Simbaland".

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I already mentioned it before, I'm a huge pile of contradictions, but I thought it'd be nice to make a list of those I'm aware of:

I'm a citizen of an African country but have a decidedly Canadian-like culture (i.e. half-European, half-American).

I loathe almost everything about France but still consider the use of the French language as something I wouldn't give up.

I trust people way too much and way too easily. Yet, I'm extremely paranoid and keep looking over my shoulder when outside.

I'm a perfectionist and a slacker.

I'm gay, but the sight of gay couples interacting still instinctively makes me feel uneasy. The same doesn't apply to hetero couples or non-human fictional couples...

I'm both the most selfless and the most selfish person I know. I switch between those two characters at random.

I'm extremely forgiving, but if I hold a grudge, it'll be for the long term.

I despise violence, but will often have to keep myself from unleashing what I'd describe as pure animalistic rage.

I'm extremely empathic, but can also be extremely uncaring and/or sadistic.

I let people know a lot of things about me, but I'm also a consummate liar with many secrets.

I'm apparently both one of the most boring and the most funny person IRL, depending on the occasion...

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For the purposes of putting it into my signature in one blog I usually comment to, I had an Excel sheet calculate the days passed since the very moment [ profile] worksinreallife said yes to my asking if he'd like us to be more than just friends despite the overwhelming distance between us.

Today at 14:21:39 EAT (yes I'm that precise), the figure reached 1 200.

1 200 days of waiting for an occasion to get reunited.

What am I? A masochist? Probably, but so far, it's all worth it.
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The Karate Kid is on TV. You know, the one with Jackie Chan that should have been called The Kung Fu Kid instead?

At one time, Chan's character said something very deep, very serious... but Nick and I burst out laughing. Our minds separately, simultaneously turned the statement into a very naughty double entendre....

... what does that say about us?
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Hehehe, gotta appreciate injokes inside professional projects. I'm currently translating the interface for a piece of software that performs medical tests with help from external hardware. To aid in translations, they sent us several screencaps showing the english version of the software in action.

In three of these screencaps, one of the medical tests running is called "A_Midichlorian".

Call me geeky, but I really chuckled at that.
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More political activism on my part, copied from an e-mail from the folks at Out4Immigration:

Greeting O4I'ers!

The Out4Immigration weekly letter writing campaign resumes this week - Week 76 - with a letter to Sen. Robert Menendez (D-NJ) who is planning on introducing a Comprehensive Immigration Reform bill in the Senate very soon. We are urging Senator Menendez to include the Uniting American Families Act (UAFA; S.424) or its language into his bill so that same-sex bi-national couples will be a part of this legislation from the start.

This week we started calling Senator Menendez office and urging that he include UAFA. The response from his staffers has been positive. On Friday morning, one of our members was told, very politely, that the Senator is working to include UAFA in his bill. This is no doubt a result from the multitude of calls he has been getting since last Thursday morning. Let's put this over the top. Please sign and send this e-letter today, and urge all your family, friends and colleagues to do so, too. Let's see how close to our goal of 500 signatures we can get!

To send your letter electronically to Senator Menendez through, just click on the link below:

This has been a significant week with 6 new cosponsors signing on to the UAFA, so let's keep the momentum going! If you haven't called Sen. Menendez's office yet, please do that, too. His number is: (202) 224-4744.

Thanks, and keep the faith!


For those wondering, UAFA is the bill that would give same-gender couples (I hate the word "same-sex") the same immigration rights as their opposite-gender counterparts. and before anyone asks: yes, the bill also applies the same restrictions and penalties, so stop whining about fraud already: the majority people who would like to be given the chance to follow the rules should not be penalized just because a minority will try to break said rules.

I'll try to hammer the point with a personal fact: because [ profile] worksinreallife and I do not enjoy the same immigration rights as opposite-gender couples, today has been the 1187th day we've had to spend apart from each other. Try to live through that and you'll understand why I'm pretty adamant about the issue (especially since I know a few couples who've had it even harder than we had...)
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I've just (and friggin' finally) seen Orangina's famous furry ads. And they're just... wow... Words fail me. I mean, that's just beyond my mind's grasp. Yeah, these ads look good, but... wow...

Props to the two ones featuring cougars. Appealing to male gay furries? Jackpot.
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Three tales, just to outline just how fucked-up this country is when its police and army don't even focus on the right issues.

In the early dark on Sunday Sept., 12

A house in Itaosy was attacked. The house was fortified, but the bandits were armed with military-grade AK-47s. They managed to get through the outer metallic door and riddled the inner wooden door with bullets. Several minutes later, they were away with all of the family's money (10 million ariary, around five thousand american dollars).

During the attack, the owner's wife called the police for help. They were nearby, they should have been there in five minutes tops. In fact they even said they'd be there quick.

Twenty minutes later, when the metallic door gave up, there were still no news of the police so she called the gendarmes (military police) quartered further away. They, too, said they heard the shots from where they were and would be there soon.

The gendarmes arrived half an hour too late to do anything and, worse, they still arrived before the police did. One of the bullets used to demolish the inner door had struck the owner in the heart, killing him instantly. Two of the neighbors had been shot and severely wounded when the whole neighborhood tried to help repel the attack.

Today, the owner's wife went on live TV to accuse the police of having purposedly abandoned them.

Late morning on Monday Sept., 13

Under the pretense of "fighting against illegal trade," the gendarmes raided the market in Anosy, arresting all the milk vendors there and confiscating their whole stock — according to reports, at least a thousand gallons in all.

The vendors were eventually all released, but were said they couldn't get back their stock unless they paid some hefty fines. Meanwhile, the milk is being stored in non-refrigerated trucks, meaning that most of it will soon be spoiled beyond hope. And since none of the vendors reported to having enough money to pay the fines...

Last year, they destroyed the company that held a monopoly on milk, starting a period of severe lack of milk products available. Apparently now they're targetting the smaller producers too, just when milk was slowly getting back to availability. Way to go, guys.

Evening on Monday Sept., 13

Colonel Ravalomanana, who's in charge of the City of antananarivo's security, has announced that over 2,000 police officers and members of the gendarmerie had been deployed... to investigate rumors of a possible plot to start another coup. The suspected group is ten persons large at best.

Priorities, people, priorities. Theoretical, hypothetical, rumored coup plot first, arresting people at random second, protecting people from viciously armed robbers last (assuming, of course, that these were robbers to begin with. Military efficiency and military-grade weapons, combined with a lack of believable response from the authorities during the attack? Anyone has made the leap of logic here?)
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Note to Mom: that papaya juice was nice, but something called "juice" is supposed to be drunk, not chewed. Yes, it distinctly lacked water and required that I squeeze it out of the bottle.

In other news I'm feeling much better after talking to [ profile] worksinreallife. Never underestimate the power of recounting old embarrassing situations to your significant other. ;-)
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Note to self: if a major newspaper publishes an online article about LGBT immigration rights in the U.S., do not read that article. And if by chance reading the article is necessary, DO NOT read the comments.

I think that was the fastest mood swing I've ever had, from being okay to being depressed to flashing anger at the bigots, before another plunge into a depressive mood.

I need reasons to believe, not reasons to despair. *sigh*

EDIT: Oh well, [ profile] worksinreallife just came online. A little reprieve to get smiling again before he leaves for school.
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Been a long time since I posted anything about Blotchie. Okay, been a long time since I posted anything worth it in a while, but today's post is about the dog.

He's growing up nice. A bit turbulent, which can be annoying sometimes, but also very playful.

We've had a problem lately though, if anyone can give advice: he's got two areas on the back of his neck that went fur-less, and one of these is bleeding. In addition to that, he's got several irritated areas over his belly.

I think it might be linked to the fleas, from scratching too much. I try all I can to get rid of the pests, but when I gave him his weekly bath yesterday his belly was so thick with fleas it looked like that scarab swarm in The Mummy Returns! Looks like all the powders we used didn't do their job, and I'm certainly not dousing him in poison every single day.

Any ideas? How to get rid of the fleas? Could the wound be related to them? How to treat it?

(see under the cut for photos of him) )


Sep. 1st, 2010 06:29 pm
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Fun disjointed thought of the day:

For fifteen minutes now, I've been the sole occupant of offices that my co-workers swear are haunted. Fun evening, y'all!
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Just a short post here.

Shitty week was shitty, workwise at least. Props to [ profile] worksinreallife for keeping me smiling, and to a certain Acadian for doing the same (minus the mushiness ;-) ).
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I've said it a lot elsewhere, but I was confirmed at my job. Trial period's over, I'm officially a translator now. Cheers!

Big project to treat right now though, so it workworkwork!!!

Also: Nick is trying to get me interested in Christian Rock and used the line "you don't like it just because it's Christian" when I only liked one song out of two dozens he inflicted on me. WHAT. So yeah, I'm pretty much allergic to Christian music now. Get over with it.

Win of the day: I made my first real steps in U.S. political activism today, hehehe (and this has only a very marginal link to Prop. 8 getting the proverbial steel-toed boot from Judge Walker).

Fail of the day: I only realized a few minutes ago that Tracy Chapman was a woman. You would have thought the name would have tipped me off years and years ago but noooo, I kept thinking that she was a man with a slightly androgynous voice. I fail on so many levels... XD
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Okay, so more drama happened yesterday, and it's getting quite worrisome. Are Mom and I the only ones who really think we ought to do something about aunt Yolande? You know, when someone starts having vivid hallucinations like that, it's a sign that things have gone way out of control. For heck's sake, she almost got uncle Donné arrested for a murder that only happened in her imagination! She mistook Mom, her own sister, for someone else at close range! How much until someone decides to do something about that? Even Mom seems hopeless now, seeing that she gets no help from anyone else.

Alcohol is the bane of this family, and I've never been so glad I managed to evade its grasp so far. Yes, I drink once in a (long) while, but I've never been drunk. And seeing this, I think I never want to, no matter what.
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Soooo what’s new? A haircut, mainly. Mom describes it as the “US marine haircut” and says it’s the one that fits me best. I honestly would agree, except that it’s feeling drafty up there XD

Thanks to [ profile] worksinreallife for finding those X-Wing: Alliance patches. I should have found them myself, really, stupid me (in my defense, those forums had eye-killing colors and really tiny text). Now I can enjoy the simple pleasure of blasting TIE fighters and Star Destroyers again... (or, well, getting blasted by them — my piloting skills are “a bit” rusty after over 2 years of no use).

While we mention [ profile] worksinreallife here, I should really take up that suggestion of writing all outlines about my stories and characters.

In other news, Andry Rajoelina has declared on live TV that he will lead the country to the end of the transition period and won’t change his plans despite international insistence. Yes people, the captain won’t deflect the Titanic from its course despite iceberg warnings and will sail it to the end. We’re doomed.
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