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Alright, I might be repeating myself. It might be because of spending so much time drawing at work, but my year-long art block has apparently turned to a full-blown burnout. I can't produce anything FINISHED, just sketches... when I actually manage to finish a sketch. And that situation may last for a while, sadly. I'm sorry for all the pics I've promised to do, but I'd rather postpone them indefinitely than mangle them. [ profile] worksinreallife and [ profile] wolfbrothersong, you'll probably be the only ones for whom I'll get anything done despite all my efforts...

Meanwhile, I think I'll be more of a writer than an artist. I have too series on the works: good ol' Shadowknight and a still unposted one, Tales of Tanith: A Matter of Duty. Hopefully I'll be able to get things done of these...
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Well, yesterday was a hectic day. Besides some personal problems (which shall be addressed in a friends-only post), we've got 2 serious events happenning :

  • First, we learnt that two Saudi arabians were killed in a dispute about gemstones in Sakaraha, a town in Madagascar's South part. And the surprise comes from that one of them might be Osama Bin Laden's brother-in-law. When I heard about that, my first reaction was the same as most of the people I know : WTF?!???

  • Second, a 3-story house collapsed in our close neighborhood, killing 2 and injuring 7. One of the injured was a friend of my mother's (a pregnant woman who survived only because her wardrobe prevented the ceiling and 2 upper floors from falling on her) and the other ones were at least acquaintances. Despite the loss of lives, most agree that it was a good thing that the house collapsed in the late morning where just a few people were inside, rather than late in the night where more than 30 persons would have been trapped under the debris. 3 young children survived because they disobeyed their mother and went out to buy some candy. The said mother didn't survive, as I heard.
    My mother's quite shocked because she actually saw the house going down, and said she saw a mushroom-shaped dust cloud above it as people were running around screaming and trying to help the ones trapped inside.


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