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The "Movie" part
I've seen United 93 yesterday. Perhaps I shouldn't have, seeing how my nerves were. I was trembling all the way through the movie.
It kept reminding me that I was also in a plane when these events occurred, and I felt uncomfortable about the way I'd have acted if this had happened on the flight I was on.

The "Show" part
I've seen Lost at last (no pun intended). It runs on Friday evenings here, but we're still in the first season. Just to say, we've just seen the episode where Locke ties Boone in the jungle and gives him something that makes him dream of Shannon's death.
Yeah, we're that late.

The "Illness" part
My Dad and Bro' have flu, and my Mum has bronchitis. Once again I live in the middle of a mountain of medicine, but I'm kinda glad I'm not the sick one for once.

The "Trouble" part
Political leaders and former leaders are playing Trick or Treat with grenades and incendiary speeches. Is it a constant thing in African countries ? There can't be any elections without troubles ? The previous ones here weren't quite peaceful.
In 1993 it was after a 8-month-long strike and some violent fights due to Ratsiraka's stubbornness. In 1997 it was after Pr. Zafy Albert was removed for extreme incompetence. In 2001/2002, it was a remake of 1993, with the difference that Ratsiraka nearly managed to sparkle a civil war and completely wrecked what was left of Madagascar's economy.
Now the next elections are approaching (on December 3rd) and I fear it could be worse than in 2002. See ? Even now there are rumors that a tribal war could start in the South East before the end of the year. I don't know how it is related, but it gives a good impression on how things could turn here.
I really worry for this country.


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