Mar. 31st, 2006 09:48 am
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Yesterday I felt a terrible need of throwing punches into something. And it was even more painful since I didn't have anything to hit... So I let go my anger by sleeping.
What happened, do you say ?
Well when I got my job as a Computer Graphist five months ago I warned my boss I was still a beginner in that domain and would have to learn a lot by reading tutorials found on the net (since there's no school for that here)
"OK", he said.

So when he asked me to get a little character animated in CGI, my problems began. According to the common sense, that damn character has EVERY characteristic of an animator's nightmare : oversized head, no legs but feet directly attached to his body, a trunk instead of a nose AND emotion-expressing tentacles instead of eyebrows.
And now that damn boss starts complaining about me passing too much time on the web to find help ?
Why does he remember me as a beginner ONLY when giving me my salary ?

Plus he could have chosen a better timing : I'm meant to go home at 5:30pm, and since I have 7 miles to go by feet and/or bus, it's better for me quitting early.
So, 5:30pm my head hurts of having worked too much in front of a badly set monitor, I start closing all the softwares I've been working on, then I get my stuff sorted.
5:40pm, I'm ready to shut my computer off. Mister the Boss suddenly enters the office.
"Wha... ? You want to see what I've done today ? Okay then."
So I take 5 minutes to get 3ds max back on my screen, open the file, show him the results.
And then came that cursed despising "Is that ALL you've done today ?"
If I'd been in a cartoon you would have seen a volcano above my head.

6:05pm, it's night already, I leave that damn office at last. I'll reach home at 7:30pm after escaping two pickpockets...

Ah, and I just heard the salary that was due today will have to wait for next week. Great. Another week-end plan foiled. Thanks Boss.


erkhyan: My fursona (Default)
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